Solo Travel: Unleash the Explorer Within You

When was the last time you travelled alone or has there actually been a time when you’ve travelled alone?

For me, travelling alone was rides full of joyous experiences with a few bad days though, but overall a hugely positive experience to share. The initial few plans failed terribly but I still managed to pack my bags every time, tie my laces, pick the backpack and leave – just leave for my solo time.

Travelling alone is no big deal if you know exactly why you’re doing this; there are people who travel alone because they want to stay aloof from the world, some to experience how it is to live on their own, and then there are people like me who travel alone because travelling ignites that spark within us – the passion is to travel – SOLO.

But, more often than not you will need to come up with answers for yourself stating why should you travel alone, and when you have an answer never look back – let the mountains embrace you and the oceans drown you while you learn that the world is a beautiful place.

This article summarizes why travelling alone is always a great idea and why should you travel alone; so, make sure you read the post until the end.

1. There’s an overwhelming sense of absolute freedom. Remember ‘this’ is your time of life; you will never be able to experience this time ever – so when you have it you live it to the best of your abilities. Travelling alone gives you an overwhelming sense of absolute freedom because you take the decisions on your own, you decide the things you need to do and those that you should avoid. When you’re traveling, you’re open to change and you’ll welcome it with open arms. The great thing is that you don’t have to fit into a group’s agenda, give explanations or disappoint anyone; you can follow your rhythm, desires and move like the wind.

2. You will meet amazing people. Travelling solo is a journey full of ups and downs and meeting new people throughout. Every place you go will find a new set of people some of who will match the same interest as yours. Meeting new people, communicating and taking all the nice details about the place, the history and culture will be the reward of your travel expedition. Also, some of these people might just be a part of your life forever.

3. You might just fall in love. For love you do not need a person – you can fall in love with the scenic beauty, the mountains, the waterfalls and even the forests and this form of love is the purest of all. Also, when you meet someone who’s just as passionate for travel as you are you might just start admiring them so much that admiration takes the form of love in it – so travel can sometimes make you fall in fall with the person who’s passionate about the same things like you.

4. You have all time to nurture yourself. Did you have a stressful month at work or was your exam result just horrible? Walk out my friend, you’ve got to spend some time alone – travel solo. Nurture yourself, and take your time – remember all good things take their time to happen and for you this might just be the beginning of it all.

5. You might discover your passion and the things that make you happy. Sometimes travelling alone might just give you a glimpse of your passion and the things that most interest you – you might want to start a photography campaign or a travel blog that speaks of your journey and your travel interests. When you give yourself the time and the patience the things that are meant for you and make the most sense might just happen.

Not only for these, you should also learn to travel alone to understand that this world is a beautiful place and that the chain of love shouldn’t end in hatred. When you travel alone you understand that nature has its own way of making the things happen and that there are a lot of beautiful places and things that you thought never existed – but when you see them for the first time you’re captivated by them, captivated for a lifetime.

My friend I advise you to travel alone as much as possible, as many times as you can – because you will never be this young again – Cease the moment when you have it today!

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